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 Selective Portable Brush Electro Plating (LDC)...

Liquid Development Company (LDC)


Brush Plating is also known as selective plating, portable electroplating, electrochemical metalizing, and swab plating to name a few.

No matter what you call it, the theory of Brush Plating is simple.  It is a portable process whereby metal is deposited from a water based solution onto a metal part, in selective areas, creating an electrochemical bond.

Brush Plating is a turn-key engineered system of electroplating. Originally developed as a quick touch-up tool to correct Bath Plating defects, Brush Plating is now an integral part of the manufacturing process for many industries.

The LDC Process currently offers more than a dozen standard metal solutions, as well as numerous alloys. The turn-key system consists of a power supply, plating handles. plating anodes, anode wraps, pumping and heating systems, and operator training aides.



  1. A lightweight, portable DC power supply with two flexible output leads. One is connected to the part being plated and one is connected to the plating tool.
  2. The plating tool which consists of a handle and a conforming inert annode which is wrapped with an absorbent and/or abrasive material.
  3. The Plating solution which is a water based metal ion containing solution. This solution, when applied properly by the operator, will produce a high quality deposit with excellent adhesion.
  4. A properly trained operator.


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